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MEMBERS CODE OF ETIQUETTE and CLUB RULES 15 years 2 months ago #1189

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This information is for all Club Members. You need to read it at least once (!) so you know what to expect from the Club, e.g. for Subsidized Trips, and how to get along fairly amicably with your fellow Members.

Why do we have a Members' Code of Etiquette and Club Rules?

Because we believe we may need them, to help organize such a diverse group of people coming together occasionally for surf trips. Plus it gives new members an idea of what to expect. When you join the club you we ask that you also agree to abide by the Members' Code of Etiquette and Club Rules. These exist for the benefit of all Members and are designed to minimize misunderstandings and clarify expectations of what the Club is all about and how it runs.

What is the difference between Members' Code of Etiquette and Club Rules?

Members' Etiquette is a "code of conduct". It is more simply explained as common place manners; combine it with initiative, which we all aspire to.

Club Rules are potentially enforceable with the (never yet used) penalty of removal from the e-mail list and or termination of membership.

1. Subsidized Trips
• Members who want to come on Subsidized Trips (even at the "expression of interest" stage) must stick to deadlines for notification of attendance, travel arrangements etc set by the Trip Organizer. If you are on the "Definite" list and then cancel past the deadline, the accommodation booking fee at least will be chargeable.

• Club Members already "booked onto" the Trip are asked to retain a degree of flexibility with their travel and accommodation arrangements to help the Trip Organizer manage people "dropping out" and "latecomers".

• In the interests of better integration of Club Members it is expected that established and new Members travel down together for Subsidized Trips (even if they normally have alternative arrangements). Every effort will be made by the Trip Organizer to ensure that a) every Club Member who wants to go will be able to have a lift; and b) as far as possible Members are happy with their traveling companions and are not too inconvenienced by alternative arrangements. Consequently all Drivers are expected to co-operate with the Trip Organizer to ensure that everyone gets down and help resolve any travel issues.

2. Individual Conduct - there are very few rules that apply to Club Members because we expect all Members to apply common sense and take responsibility for their own actions. However, either extreme or continued harassment of other Members, Club Officers or putting the club's name into disrepute may result in fines or even exclusion from the club (depending on the severity of the offence).

3. Club Business - all Club Business should remain between Club Members (see also Individual Conduct). Whilst non-Club Members are welcome on surf trips (as long as they are courteous and encouraged to join the club) there is no justification for involving non Club-members in internal Club Business.

4. Surf Equipment - ALL members are actively encouraged to have ALL the necessary equipment to go surfing, eg: board wetsuit, booties etc. This facilitates everyone with on the trip and means that more time is spent surfing than in the hire shop.
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MEMBERS� CODE OF ETIQUETTE and CLUB RULES 11 years 6 months ago #1656

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5. Spots that are secret / semi-secret - people spend years exploring the coast, and if you are lucky enough to be shown one such spot then you should guard it with the merit it deserves. This is also important, as a vast majority of the club are still learning, and most of these spots would be out of their current surfing ability. What is a secret / semi-secret spot? - as a rule a spot that has rocks, whether on entrance or underneath (ie a reef!), obviously there are exceptions to the rule like in the \"Badlands\".

However as a general rule if in doubt don't mention it by name(!) - or create your own trip name for it, so only your car passengers understand the coded references. Clearly known beaches like Croyde and Fistral don't fall into this category, if in doubt ask an Elder for their advice.
Spot Approved List.......
Thurso / any Scottish beach break
Newcastle - Long Sands
Scarborough - North Bay, South Bay, Cayton Bay
Norfolk - Cromer
Kent - Joss Bay, Broadstairs
Sussex - Wittering (East&West), Shoreham / Brighton Area (general reference only)
Dorset - Bournemouth / Bournemouth Area (general reference only)
South Cornwall - Praa Sands / Porthleven
North Cornwall - Sennen, Porthmeor, Gwithian/Godrevy, Perranporth/Penhale, Newquay - Fistral, Towan, Great Western, Watergate, Polzeath, Widemouth
Devon - Saunton, Croyde, Putsborough, Woolacombe
Wales - Llangennith, Langland, Porthcawl

6. No member shall create a club within the club, or a club outside the club that competes with the club.

What do you do if you think one of the Club Rules has been breached?

You should notify either the President or Treasurer who will consult each other and potentially anyone else involved, or with knowledge of, the incident. Any decisions about penalties will be agreed jointly between the President and Treasurer.

Is there an appeals process for penalties?

Yes, a written application to the Elders can be submitted via President or / and Treasurer - never yet used. Re-joining the Club is possible with time and a guarantee of good behaviour...


Members' Etiquette is a "code of conduct". You are normally expected to abide by it - except in exceptional circumstances.


The following Code of Etiquette is a compilation of recommendations to be followed by Members for all surf trips organized by Club Members, or on their behalf. There are some additional rules for Subsidized Trips (see previous sections above).

1. Consideration for drivers and car owners.

Joining the club and being a member allows you the only real way of surfing regularly, as transport down to the coast to surf is otherwise all nigh impossible. The reason that surfing with the club is so much cheaper and convenient is because we are a self-selected, "like minded" group of people - in that we like to avoid crowds, traffic jams, expensive travel fares and accommodation.

The presence of drivers and car owners in the Club (who are prepared to use their cars for the enjoyment of other surfers) provides the basis for the relatively cheap, convenient and social means of traveling that you have by being a Club Member.

Without car owners who were prepared to use their cars for Club Trips, the costs of surfing would go up considerably and the benefits of being a Club Member would go down. Therefore, it is very important that Members treat drivers, car owners and the car you travel in with great respect. Keeping a car in London is already an expensive undertaking and whilst other Club Members are not asked to contribute more than their share of petrol money, they do have obligations to the driver / car owner that are outlined below.
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MEMBERS� CODE OF ETIQUETTE and CLUB RULES 8 years 3 months ago #1657

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Preparing to be "picked up" / "dropped off":

• If you are a Passenger it is considered polite to contact your prospective Driver by telephone, you are putting your life in their hands for several hours / hundreds of miles after all! E -mail is too dependant on both parties being able to access it in time, plus it is considered too informal. The phone saves time, and allows you to arrange a suitable •pick up• point (which is mutually convenient for all parties) quickly and efficiently.

• You will also need to choose a "pick up" / "dropping off" point that is convenient for the Driver to pull into and load the car with luggage / rearrange the Boards on the roof without blocking traffic or incurring penalty notices.

• You must inform the Driver if you intend to take more than one Board on the trip.

• Passengers are expected to talk to their Drivers about where they want to be "dropped off" before the return trip.

• The Driver has the final say over what time the journey begins and the route taken.

En route, arrival and during the trip:

• The person in the passenger seat is regarded as the "Co-Pilot" and therefore should expect to navigate as well as stay awake whilst the driver is awake. If you genuinely cannot navigate then please mention this and let another Passenger do this rather than unnecessarily increasing the length of the journey.

• If the Co-Pilot wants to sleep, they should exchange places (and responsibilities) with another Passenger. It is not unknown for tired Driver's to stop and pull off the road for forty winks too, this should be encouraged for everyone's safety and benefit.

• Passengers should help with refuelling, cleaning windscreens and checking tyre pressures etc, if asked by the Driver.

• Everyone is expected to stick to times agreed with the Driver for meeting at the car and for "stop offs" - and to let the Driver know if you are delayed. This is particularly important on long journeys and when everyone else is relying on you, e.g. for the car key. It is also important that everyone knows how to get hold of the car key if they get out of the water early - especially in winter!

• Drivers are usually more tired (eye strain) than other Passengers at the end of journeys, and do not have the opportunity to sleep "en route", therefore Drivers can expect to have access to a bed to sleep in when they arrive and for help getting the Boards inside. It will help minimize disruption to other Members if previous arrivals bear this in mind and make the remaining sleeping options as simple as possible.

In addition different drivers / car owners will have their own "pet irritations" (e.g. people leaving litter in the car, "dropping in" on their wave etc) which Passengers should have the courtesy to inquire about politely and do their best to avoid. This will obviously make long trips more comfortable for all and increase your chances of being invited again. But hey anyone can get along with anyone else for 48hrs (the weekend)!
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MEMBERS� CODE OF ETIQUETTE and CLUB RULES 8 years 3 months ago #1658

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Petrol money / spare car keys and other items "on loan":

It is considerate to pay the driver the petrol money "owed" before the journey ends and to have made provision for this during the trip, e.g. to withdraw enough cash to pay the driver when you visit a "service station" on the way back as opposed to when they finally "drop you off". This saves a lot of extra grief for Drivers who may well be dropping everyone else off before they can finally get home themselves.

Similarly if you have been "loaned" roof straps, spare car keys or other items, you should return these on the journey back / arrival in London.

2. Creating a "good vibe" on the journey.

Car trips out of London to find surf take a few hours or more, and it is polite (to say the least) to expect all Passengers (less so Drivers - as they need to concentrate!) to engage in conversation with fellow Passengers at some stage in the journey, if not throughout (some Drivers may prefer to just listen to loud music!).

This is a Surf Club and interacting constructively with other Members is part of the membership deal (no matter how tired, shy or stressed you might be feeling). At the very least passengers will need to arrange "co-piloting" duties and sleeping rota's, but showing some interest in other Passengers and their surfing experience(s) is to be expected for some of the trip.

New members - other Club members will not normally know who you are, or what to expect from you by way of traveling or surfing companionship - you will therefore need to make more of an effort to be sociable and attending the Club monthly meetings is but one minor aspect of the club. To earn your "wings" so to speak you must go down on a surf trip ASAP after joining, that that way you will really get to know how the club operates, and get to know who surfs regularly.

What is the difference between Subsidized Trips and Informally Organized ones?

Informally Organized Trips are those which individual Members choose to organize in their own time and expense. They do not receive any club subsidy.

Subsidized Trips are ones that are "Open" to the whole club membership, and where a subsidy has been agreed by the President and Treasurer. This "subsidy" can be varied and is at the President's and Treasurer's discretion to determine what it should be.

Because Members receive financial assistance for attending Subsidized Trips they are normally expected to comply with the Etiquette for Subsidized Trips as well as the general Etiquette for All Surf Trips. This is because Subsidized Trips are designed to allow as many Members of the Club as possible to attend and therefore require a lot more work from the Trip Organizer. Members attending Subsidized Trips will not generally have as much freedom to organize their own transport or accommodation as they would on Informally Organized Trips.

The following Trips are usually organized annually and receive some form of "subsidy":

• Easter
• End of Summer
• Scarborough (Winter)
• Surf Clinics, life saving courses etc

You are respectfully asked to follow these guidelines, to make it more fun for everyone - thank you for your co-operation.

Any queries can be directed to the Club President, Treasurer or Elders.
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