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TOPIC: LSC E-mail Membership Rules

LSC E-mail Membership Rules 15 years 2 months ago #1188

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LSC E-mail Rules

The e-mail facility is there to help people get in contact with each other easily for Club Trips / holidays and also to learn more about surfing and where to surf. However, it should not be over-used - speaking to people is still the best option! Some guidelines on how to use the e-mail system are below:

When to use the e-mail system:

a) Initial contact to organize Club Trips.
E-mailing the Club is a very good way to find out who is interested in a particular surf Trip or holiday. Once you have your likely contacts you should switch to personally e-mailing individuals instead of the Club (see below). Some Members prefer people to ring them to arrange meeting up etc - you should check with the people concerned.

b) Writing up Club Trip / holiday experiences.
We appreciate that our Members are very busy people - however, it is important for people to write up their experiences of Trips or holidays (particularly if other people can learn from them). New Members are asked to write about their first Club Trip (at least) and Established Members (including those still in contact with the Club from faraway lands!) should contribute too. This ensures a varied input from Club Members - from Novices to Experienced Surfers - and helps us all learn something!

c) Finding out information on when / where to surf.
One of the main advantages of being a Member of the Club is that you have access to the experience of other surfers - the Forum, and e-mail contact being the first port of call. However if you want to find out more about surfing in the UK your best course of action is to persuade others to take you surfing.

d) Equipment matters.
There is often second-hand equipment for sale within the Club, which Members can advertise on the e-mail system. Advice on what to buy / how to fix boards etc. can be found on the Forum. New Members and Novices may find the advice of established Members particularly helpful on these issues.

In addition, due to individual surfing preferences and experiences, it is very likely that different Members will offer different advice. Being a Surf Club catering for a range of surfers this is welcome and debate and individual contributions should be respected. When selling second-hand equipment Club Members are expected to be sensitive to the needs of Novice surfers, respect other Members' opinions and be mindful of the Club Rules (especially when they are selling equipment on behalf of a Third Party who is not a Club Member). At the end of the day individual Members will have to make up their own minds on what advice they choose to follow or what equipment to buy.

How to use the e-mail system:

Member's Area: You can login to the Members area, to read Members' stories and see pictures of classic days all around the world, and access the membership list: www.lscmembers.co.uk which includes all Members' e-mail addresses. the password for access to the site is changed every year and sent in the "Welcome" e-mail when you join or renew membership.

LSC Online Forum: ask questions, hook up for social events, ask for technique tips, find places to stay: www.lscmembers.co.uk/forum/ The username and password for this are individual to Members and are advised in the "Welcome" e-mail.

Club E-mail: To send an e-mail to everyone simply refer to the instructions in the "Welcome" e-mail (cannot show details here due to spam harvesters). This will automatically distribute your e-mail to all members, provided it is sent from the email address we have for you in our "Address Book" in the Members Area.
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LSC E-Mail Rules 14 years 2 months ago #1654

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Finally, a few rules on the use of the list to keep it useful to
1. Only send a message to the "emailallmembers" address when it is intended for the whole audience. We would always suggest that you put your postcode & / or your mobile number at the end of any mail you send. As that way members know where you're based (for any pick-up), and they can then text you (which might be easier for them). If you want to reply to an individual on a 1:1 basis just reply to their personal e-mail address which is shown in the address bar (e.g. Sent by the LSC on behalf of; Joe Bloggs [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] - just hit "reply" and it will send your reply only to Joe Bloggs).

2. Reply All - should be used sparingly, as long e-mail chains are boring. The sender should always consider whether 200+ people want to hear / read their point? It might be more appropriate to just reply to the sender or to transfer the discussion to the Forum. So Reply All should only be used as a last option.

3. If you want to send an email to one or two people only, you can look up their address at: www.lscmembers.co.uk so you don't have to broadcast to everyone.

4. The subject line of a message should always reflect its content so people can decide whether to bother reading it or not. If you're starting a new subject, send a new message instead of a reply to an unrelated one. Subjects should be surf-related!

5. Where a member has a question or a topic that is something that they think would be useful to others in the future (places to stay, how to get a ding repaired, should I use curved fcs fins etc. etc.), their first port of call should always be the Forum: forum.lscmembers.co.uk/ See if the question is answered there? - best way to search in the Forum is by using Search: forum.lscmembers.co.uk/search.php In the event the point is not listed the member should post in the Forum and then mail the club with the link to the post, asking them to reply there. That way the question or topic is stored for the future for new and old members to review.

6. No flaming or abuse; if you feel the need to have a go at someone, do it on a 1:1 basis, not to the whole group.

7. The language of the list is English. Please do not post messages in any other language.

8. Spots that are secret / semi-secret, should never be mentioned by name or with maps via the club e-mail service or in any other way. People spend years exploring the coast, and if you are lucky enough to be shown one such spot then you should guard it with the merit it deserves. This is also important, as a vast majority of the club are still learning, and most of these spots would be out of their current surfing ability. What is a secret / semi-secret spot? - as a rule a spot that has rocks, whether on entrance or underneath (ie a reef!), obviously there are exceptions to the rule like in the \"Badlands\". However as a general rule if in doubt don't mention it by name(!) - or create your own trip name for it, so only your car passengers understand the coded references. Clearly known beaches like Croyde and Fistral don't fall into this category, if in doubt ask an Elder for their advice.
Spot Approved List.......
Thurso / any Scottish beach break
Newcastle - Long Sands
Scarborough - North Bay, South Bay, Cayton Bay
Norfolk - Cromer
Kent - Joss Bay, Broadstairs
Sussex - Wittering (East&West), Shoreham / Brighton Area (general reference only)
Dorset - Bournemouth / Bournemouth Area (general reference only)
South Cornwall - Praa Sands / Porthleven
North Cornwall - Sennen, Porthmeor, Gwithian/Godrevy, Perranporth/Penhale, Newquay - Fistral, Towan, Great Western, Watergate, Polzeath, Widemouth
Devon - Saunton, Croyde, Putsborough, Woolacombe
Wales - Llangennith, Langland, Porthcawl

9. Pictures in e-mails - pics cannot / should not be attached to e-mails, unless there is just one / they are very small. This is to avoid considerable expense in data charges for mobile or roaming pc users, and costs for the club (as sending pics to 250 members can result in big costs on our server usage). ALL pics should be uploaded into the club gallery, and the pics then added as a link. The instructions and more in depth info. on this can be found here: www.lscmembers.co.uk/forum2/it-stuff-iss...y-sending-in-e-mails
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LSC E-Mail Rules 8 years 3 months ago #1655

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10. E-mails sent to the club e-mail address remain club property, and should NEVER be sent to non-members. All Club Business should remain between Club Members, there is no justification for involving non Club-members in internal Club Business.

11. As a new member you will meet lots of people and will inevitably form close friendships with some. But if you then only surf with those people then you are denying new members the opportunity that you benefitted from. For this reason we don't like people to form exclusive clubs within the club, and would ask that, for example, invitations to join you on a weekend away are sent to the entire club. Also any member who creates a club outside of the club that competes with the club, shall be seen to be competing against the ethos of the club.

We recognize that there will sometimes be particular circumstances in which it is appropriate to limit your invitation to a smaller group, for example experienced surfers who are confident to surf in predicted extreme conditions. The Elders have decided that 9 members was a reasonable maximum - once a member starts to email members in double figures we consider that to be going against the core principles of the club and is not acceptable

You are respectfully asked to follow these guidelines, to make it more fun for everyone - thank you for your co-operation.

Any queries can be directed to the Club President, Treasurer or Elders.
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