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TOPIC: Beginners - Board Purchasing.....

Beginners - Board Purchasing..... 4 years 4 months ago #2848

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Firstly the question is, how much of a beginner are you?

Have you ever had a surf lesson? - perhaps you should have another one?

Our local instructor (who we know well, and would recommend) is Cliff: http://www.sharkbait.co.uk/pure_spirit/

Failing him, just google it! https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=surfschool+uk&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=whWyVoaSN8a-eNX8ofAM#

Basically I am saying try improving as much as possible / get a basic understanding of the sport, as this will make any trip you get on more fun and you will progress more / faster.

Secondly, what is your aim / surfing aspirations? - just to catch as many waves as possible and surf 3-5 weekends a year, or surf non-stop?

If it is a former perhaps at this stage a min-mal or fun board is the way to go.

But for gawds sake DON'T buy a BIC or NSP, whoever suggested that does not know what they are talking about. Those types of boards have little or no second hand value, are very heavy (not good for unfit beginners), are difficult to manoeuvre, teach you nothing about board care and will prevent you from getting out back on bigger days. Plus they are frowned upon in the water and in the club and just off the top of my head will mean that you are excluded from at least x2 cars in the club, as everyone hates them. However, if you are keen on a mini-mal (even after reading the stuff below), again we can help / advise on buying one. But do not buy a pop-out (BIC etc.), buy a real surf board, learn how to care for her, and she will do you proud and have some second hand value.

If your aim is the latter, then forget a min-mal they are crap. They will help you catch waves, but you will NEVER learn how to do a decent bottom turn, do any manoeuvres, duck dive / get out back on a head high day. Yes, the learning curve will be longer, but in the long run you will learn how to surf. Plus no one is suggesting for a minute that you buy a short board, (depending on your height) a 6'8"-7'6" would more than suffice. Such a board would see you through a couple of years if not more in the club, and you would be able to pick one up from £100-£250 easily with a leash and board bag, either from a LSC member, a surf shop or online.

Right so having decided what type of board you need, you write an e-mail to us, saying your weight, height and the rough type of board you want, we will then send this e-mail to the club on your behalf. Someone may have a board for sale, but your chances are slim (but do send the e-mail, as it's always worth it, someone might know someone who has one).

After having e-mailed the club, your plan B is as follows......

If you ever need board purchasing advice feel free to call Nick (our official 'LSC Board Guru') or I, if you are in a shop looking at stuff.

Or if you are searching on eBay / online just send Nick or I the URL's and we'll help decipher the adverts for you.

Best sites to buy a board from.....

Tips for Buying Surfboards online......
- ask for as many pics as possible
- any dings (holes) have they been repaired / are the water tight?
- any areas that has a ding and has browning colours around it means water has got into the board = not a good buy, or get a massive discount
- pay particular attention to the nose of the board (pointy end!), and if there are any dings
- also look at the tail (bottom) of the board and if there are dings
- the fin box (area that the fins go in / are placed), if there are any dings or the area has been damaged = avoid
- more than x5 ding repairs on the board = should be £150 or less
- never buy a snapped and repaired board, unless it's under £100
- fins that have been snapped off and repaired are not good = avoid
- FCS fins (removeable fins), if the bases have been re-glassed (repaired) in = avoid
- If the board has been painted / coloured / has a design on it cool, BUT if the paint job / graphic has been added AFTERwards / later in it's life then, you need to question the seller, as it may be hiding a bigger sin / ding / the fact it has been snapped.
- buying a second hand board online with a board baag and leash will set you back about £250 (don't go over £300).

Shipping boards, must be well packed by the sender (this will add to shipping costs), is ALWAYS better to pick the board-up if possible......

This help process is granted to all prospective members for a period of two weeks, as during that time several options will have cropped-up - after that time we assume you are all chat and not serious about buying something, and give up on you.

Having said all of the above the club has access to a surf board shaper who can make you a surfboard, with leash and bag BRAND new for £280 for LSC Members Only, check this page out: www.lscmembers.co.uk/forum/lsc-surfboard...-lsc-surfboard-offer - you have to be a logged-in member to view the link - however this offer is for prospective members too (contact us directly through the website for the details).

Hope this helps.

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