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TOPIC: 8 STAR Credit System for Drivers

8 STAR Credit System for Drivers 8 years 10 months ago #1393

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In addition to the "Standard Petrol Division on ALL trips" (www.lscmembers.co.uk/forum2/petrol/643-s...ivision-on-all-trips), this is the 8 STAR Credit System aimed at Subsidizing and Encouraging LSC Drivers....

The following is a QUICK / Basic look at the criteria that ALL Claims MUST fulfill………..
1. the e-mail must be sent to the club within x7days of the trip
2. the trip must have been open to all members
3. there must be at LEAST two decent surfing photos (we would always recommend including at least four to be safe)
4. All links in the e-mail must work (if for any reason they do not, just re-send the e-mail to the group with them working), posting pics is very easy / detailed here: www.lscmembers.co.uk/forum2/it-stuff-iss...y-sending-in-e-mails
5. The driver makes the claim (as detailed below) through the Members Area

The FULL details below……..

1. The Driver (or passenger) e-mails the club with a trip report for their car with at least two surfing pics (there must be at least two pics clearly showing the sea / wave conditions and all pics must be posted in the LSC Gallery: www.lscmembers.co.uk/forum2/it-stuff-iss...y-sending-in-e-mails ).
- Pics should be more surfing than lifestyle / car park / travel pics, clearly showing the conditions so the reader gets a clear idea of the conditions and surf over the period of the trip.
- Pics should be from ‘your ‘car, you cannot use other cars pics (sharing pics may result in both claims (yours and the other car’s) being declined)

2. DRIVER completes an 8 Star Application Form in the Members Area
- full names of passengers in the car must be included / any criteria requested in the form.
- Driver keeps a copy of his e-mail for his/her records.

3. Once the driver collects 8 STARS a payment of £200 is given to the driver for fuel, tyres, oil, screen-wash, cleaning etc.

4. For "Official LSC Trips", Drivers are awarded 2 STARS

Notes / Caveats / Exceptions........

A. In order to encourage Drivers to take a variety of passengers, you can't have the same mix of people in your car more than twice for any STAR Credit submission, out of each batch of 4 STAR Credits.

B. All trip reports must be aware of NOT mentioning less well known spots wherever / whatever type they are. If in doubt create a car nick name for the spot and refer to it as that in your trip report. Any one who doesn't follow the e-mail rules in their trip report will not receive a star – see point 8: www.lscmembers.co.uk/forum2/lsc-e-mail-r...ail-membership-rules - make sure you read rule 8 about secret / semi-secret / less well known spots

C. Star Claims can be divided into two kinds, those with passengers and those without. Regardless this criteria applies to all……
- Your partner / family member does NOT count as a passenger
- As long as you send x3 invites to the whole club over a 72hr period, and you do NOT carry non-LSC members, then you can claim a star. That is to say you have offered your trip to the whole club freely and openly.
NOTE: All invites must be copied & pasted into the application form (so checking is made easier at this end).
- clearly Day Trips (as long as they follow the normal criteria) can qualify

Any driver who e-mails another club / facebook group etc. will not be eligible to claim a star for the trip (even if they don’t end up taking someone from the other entity). It will be up to the driver to be honest about this, and not claim a star, in the event of this not occurring and we discover that an abuse has occurred an immediate 6 month suspension will occur. If the driver does take a non-LSC member on a trip, they must vouch for that person, are responsible for their conduct and must ensure all LSC passengers are aware of the situation in advance of the trip.

D. All trip reports must be written in the week (7 days) that the trip occurred to be valid.

E. All Star Applications must go through the Members Area, and be completed in order for drivers to get stars…..
- full names of passengers only (not nick names), look their name up in the Address Book if you are unsure
- ALL areas must be completed fully in order for your Star Claim to be processed
…..read what you are completing / be asked for.

F. When the Driver of the car makes their Star Claim, ideally it should be very soon after the trip report (see format below) - this makes things easier for all concerned. Due to work loads, we can only accept up to two late claims - that is to say you can only claim two back, as checking further back is simply too time consuming at this end. It is up to the Driver to make the claim after the report is written and sent to the club as per the guidelines above, and in the format laid out below.

Passengers responsibilities……..
- Drivers spend many hours selflessly driving the car, it is perfectly okay to get your passengers to lift a finger and write a trip report - they just sit there for hours after all! ;0)
- If they don't do the write-up as agreed, and you have asked for the equivalent £ to a star, and they refuse, let us know and we will help.

Foreign Trips - at least x2 invites must be sent to the whole club, and this 'only' applies to Europe (or Worldwide!) 'car trips' that is to say eg: car trips to France, Spain, Eire etc. where no flights occur.

How to claim your money.......
1. You receive confirmation you have 8 Stars
- you e-mail the Treasurer requesting monies with bank details
- you should also refer to point 1 here: www.lscmembers.co.uk/forum2/official-doc...3-4-lsc-golden-rules

2. the payment is made, you continue to accumulate points till you reach your next 16th and so forth.....
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********8 STAR Credit System for Drivers 6 years 9 months ago #2487

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A new form has been created to allow you to make the application online, this will help make things easier for users and admins.

Login to the Members Area and follow the clear instructions......


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